Our vision is a future where we waste less, share more and care for every baby and child.

Your gift gives a child the safe start they deserve and a family a helping hand when they need it most. 

$30 will keep a baby snug and safe with a linen bundle of blankets, sheets, sleeping suits, wraps, bath towels and mattress protectors.

$57 will give the gift of freedom and independence in the form of prams or car restraints.

$140 buys a new cot and mattress - a safe place for a baby to sleep, dream and play.

Thank you for your generosity and sharing our belief that every child deserves a safe start in life. 

If you would like a gift certificate for your donation, please email fundraise@stkildamums.org with:

  • The amount of your gift and the date it was made

  • If you would like the certificate to show the gift is from you

  • Who the gift is for

  • The occasion (first birthday, baby shower etc.)

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Help us rehome a pre-loved car seat. 

Your gift of $25 will buy a replacement tether strap for a pre-loved reversible car seat for a newborn baby. 

Help ensure families in need leave hospital with a safe car seat. 

Your gift of $50 will help us deliver car seats to maternity hospitals through our Safe Start program. 

Give a car seat - the gift of safety and mobility.

Your gift of $110 will buy a new car seat for a baby or toddler when our stocks run low.